Copyright and License Detail


WayleaveCentral: Graphic Engineering Solutions and Services (Pty) Ltd (GESS™)

Design Review Module: City Of Tshwane

CoT.SMSSender: City Of Tshwane

CoT.GeoDataLinker: City Of Tshwane

GESS.Office.Word.ReplacerDocX: GESS™

GESS.Spatial.Conversion: GESS™

WLMS.Reporting: GESS™

WLMS.Security: GESS™

WLMS.Windows.Workflow.StepEditor: GESS™

WLMS.Workflow.Designer: GESS™

WLMS.Workflow.Library: GESS™


Open Source and Component Licenses

.NET Transactional File Manager Chinh Do MIT License

AjaxControlToolkit: CodePlex Foundation New BSD License (BSD)

AjaxGridScaffolder: Microsoft Microsoft Source License

AutoMapper: Jimmy Bogard Github AutoMapper License

CKEditor CKSource - Frederico Knabben CKEditor License (GPL, LGPL, MPL)

Common Service Locator: Microsoft Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

DataAnnotationsExtensions: Scott Kirkland Scott Kirkland License

DataAnnotationsExtensions.MVC3: Scott Kirkland Scott Kirkland License

DotNetOpenAuth: Andrew Arnott Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

Enterprise Library 5.0: Microsoft Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

Entity Framework: Microsoft Microsoft Software Supplemental License

jQuery: jQuery Foundation MIT License

JSON: James Newton-King MIT License

knockoutjs: Steven Sanderson MIT License

Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Mvc4: Microsoft Microsoft License Terms

Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization: Microsoft Microsoft License Terms

Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi: Microsoft Microsoft License Terms

Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure: Microsoft Microsoft Software License

Modernizr: Faruk Ates, Paul Irish, Alex Sexton MIT License

Mvc4Futures: Microsoft Microsoft Source License

MvcMailer: S. M. Sohan, Tyler Mercier MIT License

MvcMembership: Troy Goode MIT License

MvcMembership.Mvc: Troy Goode MIT License

PagedList: Troy Goode MIT License

PagedList.Mvc: Troy Goode MIT License

Razor: Microsoft Microsoft Software License

RouteMagic: Phil Haack Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

System.Spatial: Microsoft Microsoft Software License

WebActivator: David Ebbo Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

WebGrease: Microsoft Microsoft License Terms