About WayleaveCentral.


WayleaveCentral is a product of Graphic Engineering Solutions and Services (Pty) Ltd.

The product is used to record and manage the approval process of Wayleave Applications. It provides tools and functions to assist Authorities responsible for the issuing of Wayleaves

Professional User?

What is a Professional User?

Professional Users are users that create and manage multiple applications and need more functions than is available in the free version of the system. If you are in the business of applying for or managing wayleave applications, or you need to do a lot of applications and need to manage multiple users in your company that apply for wayleaves, then you are a Professional User and will benefit from an upgraded account.

How do I upgrade to be a Professional User?

You can contact GESS using the details above to subscribe as a professional user to get immediate access to all the Professional Benefits.

What do I get as a Professional User?

Professional Users has access to the following additional features:

  1. Management of all Applications captured by all users in your Company
  2. Management of Payments Due and Payments Made
  3. Management of all applications where your Company is marked as the Applicant, Consultant or Contractor
  4. Access to custom Reports
  5. Access to 24-hour Support
  6. Access to direct support by the system Vendor
  7. Coming in the near future: a Mobile Application to manage applications and notifications in the field.

What does a Professional User subscription cost?

A Professional User subscription is available from only R4800 per user per month.

What are the benefits?

  1. Immediate support when you need it, 24/7.
  2. Direct access to the Vendor for firsthand support.
  3. Faster issue resolution.
  4. Professional Guidance.
  5. Wider range of functionality.

Need Training?

Book a course!

Contact GESS to book a seat on the next training course for the system.

Training Courses Available

  1. WayleaveCentral Application Process
  2. Coordinate Systems for Engineers
  3. GoogleEarth for Engineers
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) for Engineers (3D Models to Design Review and Redlining)
  5. Bentley MicroStation Fundamentals
  6. Bentley MicroStation for Civil Engineers
  7. Bentley InRoads Fundamentals and Advanced Road Design
  8. A full list of training courses is available on request