Standard Construction Details and Design Standards

Roads and Stormwater Design Details

Reference / Drawing Number Name Description Version Terms and Conditions:
STD-004 STD004_sh5of7.pdf Type D Junction Box 2022/11/25 Download
STD-004 STD004_sh6of7.pdf Junction Box and Manhole Details 2022/11/25 Download
STD-004 STD004_sh7of7.pdf MANHOLE DETAILS 2022/11/25 Download
STD-005 Stormwater Inlet and Outlet Structures.pdf Field Inlet and Stormwater Outlet Sheet 1 of 1 2019-03-04 Download
STD-006 STD006_sh1of1.pdf Trenching, Road Reserve, Stormwater Pipeline and Furrow Sheet 1 of 1 2022/08/18 Download
STD-007 Kerbing Details 1 of 2.pdf Sloping Kerb, Semi-Vertical Kerb and Edge Beam Sheet 1 of 2 2019-03-04 Download
STD-007 Kerbing Details 2 of 2.pdf Transition Sections and Vehicle Entrance Sheet 2 of 2 2019-03-04 Download
STD-008 Walkways and Cycle Tracks.pdf Walkways and Cycle Tracks Sheet 1 of 1 2019-03-04 Download
STD-009 STD009_sh1of2.pdf Pedestrian Ramps for the Disabled Sheet 1 of 2 2019/05/16 Download
STD-009 STD009_sh2of2.pdf Pedestrian Ramps for the Disabled Sheet 2 of 2 2019/05/16 Download